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HERE ARE SOME GUIDELINES that were put together to assist with facilitation if needed. 

Hey All,
For guidelines on facilitating red tents, a few of us put together this document which will help you. So if you fancy giving co/ facilitating a try but haven't done it before, print this out and have a go!: 

Ideas of things to bring:
Water jug, tissues, drum, smudge stick, aromatherapy diffuser, food, something for the altar, tealights, Red Tent candle

The Circle
Start with a word from the host – where’s the loo, water jug, practical stuff…
Cleansing the space - this can be done with a smudge stick?
Add your object to the altar – The centerpiece is offered as the heart of the gathering where the fire burns, the centre of a wheel, a symbolic representation of a group’s intention.


Introduction and Agreements made for today:

The vision of the red tent is to:
Bring women together to celebrate our femininity, our cyclical natures, to bring alive old rites of passage for maidens, mothers and elders, to empower ourselves and each other, to live in ways that are true to us. For comfort, to ground and check back into ourselves, for a day of retreat. 
“Come as you are, because you are enough.”

The purpose of the talking circle is to:
Go within and be mindful about the emotions you are experiencing right now. Speak about yourself, what’s going on for you. Speak with intention, listen with intention and to tend to the wellbeing of the circle. Speak from the heart, communicate what’s alive in you, to connect yourself with yourself and each other in this moment.
You don’t need to speak. Truly being present and listening to others with an clear mind and an open heart is a huge blessing, you don’t need anything else.
For women who are new to the tent we thought it could be a good idea to elect a red tent representative per tent who is there to answer questions/welcome the newcomers, especially if they've come to the group on their own. Introducing the woman who is helping with this:
"If you haven’t been to many tents or this is your first one then _________ is here to answer your questions in breaks or during food please ask her anything. "

If there is a large group it was discussed that we might ring a bell/lightly or bang the drum after 5 minutes to keep the talking circle focused:
"Because we have a large group and there is an activity afterwards that we would like to have time for, so we have ________ here who is going to ring a bell after five minutes. If you are still speaking when you hear this bell, just centre yourself back on how you are feeling in the present  and try and summarize what you are saying so the next woman can speak. If you hear another cheeky bell a couple of minutes later it’s just to remind you again to summarize what you are saying."

As you know, sometimes we pass the stick round the circle and we speak in the order we are sitting. And sometimes we speak at random collecting the talking stick from the middle of the circle. Let's try ____ today. When you have finished speaking just return the stone to the centre, the heart of our circle.

After an hour we will have a break for toilets, there’s water in the middle should you need it, and tissues.

Now we’re going to light the candles – a volunteer to light the red tent candle. Light candles/tea lights. Offering of personal items for the altar blessings.

Close our eyes for a few moments and centre ourselves and settle in to the circle. We often hum an OM or say it in unison; make a sound from our breath.

Can the first woman speak when ready. And one more thing, can you say your name before you speak to introduce yourself to the rest of the group.

Last woman to speak ...
Has everyone spoken who wishes to?  Is there anyone who needs anything from the other women?

As a circle we hold what has just been said, it stays in the circle. We hold each other/hands and we offer up what has been said into the Earth while we smudge the space for cleansing.

Could we have a volunteer?

Blow out candle/tealights

Arrange other tent gatherings.

Clear the space before food. Eat, Relax, Enjoy!
De-brief if needed. 

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"... let's go home ..."

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For Red Tent Gwynedd Pabell Coch  

Anglesey Red Tent, Red Tent Llyn ​& Conwy Red Tent meetings

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This page will be updated when dates and venues are known.

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Womens Gatherings Gwynedd Genod Gyda'n Gilydd 

A MONTHLY informal gathering; bring your knitting, sewing, art, making and doing, 

reading, instruments & songs, or just come for a social time. Both cafes have vegan and veggie options; hot food, hot and cold drinks, desserts and cakes.

  • 1st Tuesday, alternate months, 12 - 4pm Kyffin Cafe, Bangor - to the left as you enter the cafe

  • 1st Sunday, alternate months, 12 - 4pm, Black Cat Cafe, Parc Glynllifon (at the end of the seating area)

Next Meet:

Tues 3 March - Kyffin Cafe, Bangor

Sun 5 April - Black Cat Cafe, Parc Glynllifon

Tues 5 May - Kyffin Cafe, Bangor

Sun 7 June - Black Cat Cafe, Parc Glynllifon

Facebook: Womens Gatherings Gwynedd Genod Gyda'n Gilydd 


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Here's a Facebook link to the Anglesey Menopause Cafe, usually held in Valley :  https://www.facebook.com/groups/626451751125094/?hc_location=group

"Women united in Circles can awaken the wisdom in each other's hearts'  

Alice Walker

3 Principles of Red Tent


To create a safe, shame free and sacred space to honour our collective journey of womanhood together.


A place to slow down; where we can share stories, laughter, songs, tears, food and honour our unique cycles that we experience each month in our bleeding time and in our going through perimenopause and menopause.


To celebrate the community of women coming together.


(Credit  ALisa Starkweather)

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